Sher in the City Returns

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.

ā€” Audrey Hepburn

More than a decade ago, I moved to Washington DC. Inspired by the city that I lived in, I decided to launch Sher in the City – adventures of a single 30 year old living in the nation’s capital

Well, life has changed since then. The single girl who meandered through the busy streets of the nation’s capital, enjoyed meals at some of best restaurants, and well, simply embraced the city life …found love, moved to the burbs, and discovered an adventurous side that tested things outside her comfort zone like:

  • Biking 35 miles around Acadia National Park
  • Hiking up Acadia Mountain’s Beehive Trail (or should we say laddering up the side of it)
  • Introducing me to martial arts
  • And more!

So with the re-launch of Sher in the City – what can you expect? Well, you can still expect stories/experiences in DC, but you can expect other topics including:

  • Highlights from our travels
  • Favorite foods and recipes
  • Books that I have read
  • And my most recent work as a clean beauty advocate

So excited to be coming back after a hiatus and hope that you’ll enjoy a new, fresh Sher in the City.

I’ll also be continuing The Bakshi Chronicles so be sure to check it out for new stories.

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